Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One more today

Wow I'm really in the updating mood... And since I might as well add the cute pics I took today... Here they are.

My Hudson

There seems to be a lack of Hudson in the pictures that I take... But as I tried to take some of him today I realized why... it's hard to take pictures of the always active Hudson... I've started trying to video tape him more because of it. He is such a sensitive, spirited, loving little boy. Hard to believe that two short months he will be three! I managed to get a couple of pics... notice the haircut... I did that myself... usually it turns out horrible when I do it... but not so much this time if I do say so myself :)

I decided I really love this picture

Miss L

We are hoping those eyes stay that color
This is her personality

She just melts my heart... It was really sunny this past weekend and so I've been waiting to put Miss Lilah in her bathing suit for the first time... My mom was there and she got Miss L cracking up!