Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Pics

Finally convinced Donny to get some family pics. I love the way they turned out.... a couple of my favs... There were a lot to choose from so this is just a couple :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

With the purchase of the new computer I hope to update this a little more... we shall see... with that promise, I'm thinking about making this blog private... thoughts?

So Hudson is obsseded (just got a new computer like yesterday and can't figure out how to actually change the spelling of a word when it comes up spelled wrong... oops) with slugs. He thinks they are his pet. Silly little boy. What a crack up.

Hope to post more as the time goes on... this new computer is seriously like 10-100X's faster than our old one... I love it

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hudson loves Lilah so much, tonight when they were going to be he gave her a kiss and hug and told her he loved her. He said " I wuv you baby I-yah your my wittle sister." He's so cute with her. They are quite the pair...

Monday, March 15, 2010


I was in the shower the other day... Both kids were entertained and I didnt think much of it... Lilah would crawl in and out of the room and Hudson well I figured he was watching a show... Donny was testing with a department and I figured it would be as good as time as any to jump in....

Hudson decided to take advantage of me being in the shower.....

Look at that grin! He was so excited he made SNOW!.... Little monster emptied out his bean bag chair and indeed made something that looked like snow...
ohhh the story does not stop here...
see remember how he stuck the cord in his mouth.... well you would think he would figure out not to stick things in his mouth and his nose maybe... ? Lol not quite....
When Hudson came running out screaming about something being stuck there (as he pointed to his nose) it didnt even take half a second for Donny and I to figure out what was now stuck in his nose... A bean bag ball!
Since blowing didnt help Donny got the tweezers.... those did not work..... So what was next to try....
Needlenose Pliers with a fish hook attached.... the fish hook was straightened out a little to give it a chance to poke into one of the foam balls.... needless to say Hudson started freaking out when he saw this thing coming at his nose... (really can you blame him lol) With all the freaking out and commotion we decided to have him blow one more time... He had no problem blowing it out this time :)
Lesson learned dont stick things up your nose... :)
That is our Hudson experiencing life and learning every step of the way... We just adore him

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hudson Hudson Hudson

Well Mr. Hudson has been learning some fun little lessons lately.... yeah......

We will start off with the first of the month... so Donny and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking when all a sudden Hudson comes running to me screaming about something... I couldnt understand him but had Donny take him to the bathroom cause his lip was bleeding... I thought OH my goodness how in the heck did he bite through his lip!

Donny takes him to the bathroom and cleans him up and goes its a burn?!? how in the heck does he have a burn! We are freaking out... well turns out he went a head and stuck the light cord in his mouth... Why?? Well he told us Mia was chewing on it and had it in her mouth so he put it in his mouth... Great Hudson...

Well because Mia had chewed on it there was a live wire spot... poor kid had third degree burns on the lower lip, upper inside of his top lip, and his tounge... Took him to the Dr., he was fine just got a little shock.... I am glad he was ok... and I want to thank the dr for telling me about four or five times that it needed to be up out of his way..... Thanks Doc like we didnt do that the second we realized what happened.... geez. like I left it dangling there on purpose thinking my son would stick it in his mouth....

Lesson learned Hudson will not be sticking cords in his mouth ever again.... Thank god

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grandma and Hudson

So Hudson absolutely loves my parents. He is a grandmas boy to the extreme... It was his 3rd word and everything.... so the other night he wanted to spend the night there. I never really mind (he is my early bird) :) but the next day my mom had a class at 8 or so in the morning and my dad had to go show houses... so unfortunantly for Hudson he couldnt spend the night....

Now Hudson hates this... Hates leaving Grandma and Grandpas house. He cries and with every turn that takes us away from my parents house he lets out these ear curdling screams of no please dont go please turn around... On most nights it takes us about half way home before he quites down and usually closes his sweet baby eyes for a nice little rest :) ahhhh...

But the other night he pulled something new out of his hat....
Mommy your breaking my heart!

And the whole sentence was drawn out so it was THAT much overly dramatic
lol oh Huddy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow it has been forever since I posted... I am considering closing down this blog... but then again if I started writing on it I could start recording some of the fun things the kids do.... hmmmm what to do what to do....

First Lilah turned 1... how can that be! This year flew by and now shes like a little girl with a personality... and a little bit of attitude (esp towards her brother) :) She took 3 steps the day before her birthday and hasnt since... but she does like holding daddys finger and walking :) She says kitty, daa (dog) momma dadda hi hey and can pretty much imitate any noise we make....

Second... Hudson is amazing. So kind and gentle with his sister. He is something else. Dont get me wrong the boy did not miss out on the attitude gene... but he is changing each and every day... He started swim lessons and can put his face in the water no problem... first day he wasnt to sure... but today he did it no big deal... He will start T-ball in April... He is growing and changing and sooo much fun. He can say his ABCs no problem. The next thing I want to work on him with is his recognition of the letters... first step of reading right :)

I started a job... kinda scary and exciting and sad all at the same time. I am not always going to make it to Hudsons things now as I have a schedule to work around... which is a huge bummer to me... :( But D is there when I cant be and even when I am... He is amazing with the kids! And since we really really want to buy a house in the next year-year and half... well you gotta do what you gotta do!

Onto D he has lots of test coming up... Please pray that he has enough confidence in himself to know that he deserves to be there as much as the next guy... once he reliazes that there will be no stopping him! He ranked #2 with Medic one, but come monday they will wipe the slates clean and he will have to get right back up there... Has Bainbridge Island test on Sat and we should find out his scores for the Portland test as well... I am so very proud of him and tell him probably too often how much I believe in him ;)

well I will try and keep updated on this and really try and keep it so I can remember the cute things the kiddos do :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some random pictures from the end of June.... Hudson going fishing and boating with Donny and our good bud Cory!
Hudson insists on sharing Lilah's tub... she's not too fond
What a cutie! About 4 m 3 weeks here
That pretty much takes us into the beginning of July... We actually did not get any pictures of the 3rd and 4th.... The 3rd we bought a new car... We just were at the point where we had to... We could not fit into Donny's truck and haven't been able to since ... Hudson was born pretty much. We upgraded to a 04 Titan... I love it. I do not love the gas milage... or lack of... but it's pretty and leather seats and mst importantly we'll be able to go do fun things with it as a family :) But anyways the 3rd we went to Big Lake and watched fireworks and camped :) The kids did really well and then the 4th we went to the cabin where my bro joined us to watch some fireworks. We had an enjoyable time....


Donny's family has this cabin on Guemas Island... Donny went there a lot as a young dude and he's enjoying taking the kids there... We go when we can, it's kind of a drive but nice to get away :) swinging on the swing
very busy

on the "horse"

Down at the campfire... my boys :)

My grad party

Had my grad party in the middle of June. It was really nice having the people that could make it come out and celebrate with me. It really meant a lot to me as this degree was a lot of hard work and preserverance. While sooo many people told me I wouldn't finish once I got pregnant with Hudson is was so nice to prove them all wrong and just show them that while I hold high expectations for other people, I hold them even higher for myself.

The boys had a good time in the dirt after most of the guest left :) Lilah looking pretty in the dress my amazing aunt Jovie sent! Love and miss that whole family and wish they lived here!

About 4months and a week