Friday, December 19, 2008

8 months!

So today I hit 8 months, 32 weeks! How crazy is that I have 8 weeks to go and the time has seemed to fly by... Before we know it we will be holding our baby boy or baby girl in our arms! If only we had some names picked out :P Any and all suggestions appreciated :) I started my 2 week appointments and have another one on Monday.

And of course the naked belly since it always looks different lol

Expect more pictures and blogs in the next week or so, we've been having a lot of fun with Andrea and Colten. Doing all the traditions with Hudson. Having a blast, but we've been busy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

6ft 8 in

Just a quick note... so I don't forget... I did a height predictor thingy that was online for Hudson, it was a babycenter bulletin that was sent to my e-mail and so I put in his height and weight now and Donny's info and mine and they predicted that Hudson would be 6ft 8inches. It's a 90% accuracy rate of being within 2.1 inches... His pediatrician said he was tall, looked like a 3 year old, but man I thought that was funny!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow

Snowed last night and it's supposed to be freezing for like the next 10 days. Anyways, Hudson woke up and was so excited to go out in the snow... we had a lot of fun!

Here's Hudson in his snowman hat!
And here's Hudson out in the snow getting ready to throw snow at me... The dog also loves the snow!!
In other news Andrea changed her ticket and will be here tonight! Saved her a bunch of money doing it this way so hey why not! Should be fun these next few weeks!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ugly sweater party

I went to my girlfriend Jodi's ugly sweater party tonight... It was really nice to get away for a while, Donny wasn't able to go with me since he was bartending at a private party, but I brought my girlfriend KT. It really was a ton of fun and nice to just hang out! and if I do say so myself we sure did look nice :)

Look at that cute little grin, the picture is a little blurry but I couldn't resist with that cute little smile :)

And here's a picture that isn't so blurry... I'm 31 weeks in this picture, 9 more to go... wow I'm in the single digits!

Doctor Appt

So I finally got Hudson to the Dr. for his 2 year check up... He always tells me he needs to go to the Dr. He loves the Doctor for some reason.
The latest reason went like this....

H- "Mommy Boo Boo needs to see Doctor" (He calls himself boo boo since that's what we call him :)
M- "Why Boo Boo?"
H- "My baby hurts"...
M- "oh does your belly hurt?"
H- "Yeah Mommy"

He cracks me up! But anyways he is 39 inches and 31 lbs. So way off the charts for height and in the 75% for weight... He's a tall boy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The adventures of 2....

So things have been a little crazy around here, I'm done with school for the quarter with only one more to go... yeah! But lets get down to the interesting things that have been happening lately....

So on Monday I had my 30 week Dr. Appointment, every thing looks great and the baby's heartbeat sounded good. So since we were in Bellevue we went and visited Santa, which turned out really well, no crying, but Hudson was sooo intriqued by Santa. Then we were on our way home... Let me just add I was on empty because Don did not tell me he was out of gas (I was driving his car) but since I thought my apt was at 10:30 but it was really at 10:10 so we were running late... but anyways I didn't know where any gas stations were in Bellevue so I figured I would hit up the one right off the freeway. Well lets just say I didn't make it that far. I ran out of gas on 405. I looked in the back and Don had a gas tank... Thank God. So I put gas in the tank and I'm proud of myself for doing it no big deal.... ended up with gas smell on my hands yuck, but was quite proud... So I go to get back in the car and Hudson has locked me out. He hit the lock with his foot. So I'm outside of the car trying to get him to unlock the door... I guess someone finally took pity on me and called someone and Incident response showed up and let me in... oh what a day :)

So that was Monday and then today I wake up to Hudson yelling for Grandpa... He keeps saying Grandpa let me out. Like everyday he comes in and wakes me up. But today he didn't. Instead I find out that he has locked himself in the bathroom and can't get out. He's crying and I'm trying to tell him to turn the door handle... I finally have to get my dad from downstairs and Donny out of bed and between the two of them, they managed to get the door open. We open the door and oh my goodness Hudson was a busy boy, no wonder he couldn't get the door open. He got into a lipstick my sister had left as well as the toothpaste and chapstick... It was all over a sink, some drawers, himself, and the mirror. Took me a good 45 minutes to clean that sticky mess off of everything. What a busy boy! Life with a very busy two year to say the least is never boring!!

Hope you enjoy these little laughs, we are putting our tree up tonight and I can't wait to see Hudson's face and my sister and nephew get here in 6 days I'm sooo excited!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hudson's thoughts

So Hudson is getting so big and talking soooo much, it's unbelievable! I started this blog so I could remember some of the things that he says because gosh they grow up so fast it's hard to remember all of these things as he gets older.... so here goes some of the things he's said in the last few days....

He took my face in his sweet little hands and said to me "Mommy your tute (Cute)"

Today at my parents we put the garland on the stairs and the garland has lights in it, and when we turned on the lights he ran up to them and said "I love it!" and just sat and stared at the lights. It was so precious and really warmed my heart and made me actually excited for this crazy Christmas season....

More to come :)
forgot I had started this... but this will be a good place to write down all the fun things Hudson says to us :)