Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank you

I wanted to put a little note saying Thanks to some very special people.... I would not have been able to get done with school without the emmense help I recieved from my parents. They have done so much for Don and I, they did or at least helped Don with almost everything on the house we moved into. It would never have gotten done without your help and that was a huge sanity saver, it helped take my mind off of that and was able to concentrate on school. Also, thanks for always helping with Hudson when we needed it.

Also, I wanted to thank Donny who has worked so hard for us. While I say my parents did almost everything, Donny was right there with them. Raw end of the deal for Don since on top of trying to get us able to move he was working and is still interning down in Vancouver. He is amazing and I would not be the person I am today with his constant devotion and love. He is my rock.

A BIG thank you to my brother, who has driven down from Bellingham these last 3 weeks to come with me and Lilah to class. You are amazing and have such a huge heart. You made it so that I could concentrate and know that Lilah was nearby and well taken care of! You really are one of the kindest people I know

My bro sitting in the car outside of my class :)
And lastly to my friends, who have listened to me bitch and moan, and had my back and kept encouraging me. You all keep me sane! Thank you!

I feel blessed to live the life I live and I have so many people to thank for that. Love you all!


1month old

My absolute favorite picture at the moment
First picture of her smiling!

Family picture minus boo boo minutes after Lilah was born... we were going on oh like one hour of sleep

There has been so much going on in our busy lives! Miss Lilah is six weeks old today and my how the time has flown by... we feel so blessed with this little girl, she is such an easy going baby! Hudson still continues to show no jealousy of her and gets so excited to see her especially when he or she wakes up. The one unfortunate thing that plaugues Lilah is that she has a little touch of reflux, she's a spitter, which is something Hudson never did! But I'll take a little bit of spit up over sleep any day of the week!

Lilah is starting to smile which is always something to look forward to, she has definently grabbed a hold of my heart with that toothless grin :) She has also been able to roll onto her side and hold up her head for a few weeks now. It is amazing how fast they grow! Hudson meanwhile talks soooo much it is really unbelievable. He can carry on a conversation, count to eleven, and is doing a great job with the potty. With everything going on I haven't pushed the potty like at all... Donny puts him on it though and puts him in the big boy undies and he hasn't had an accident in the last few days that we've worked on it... I'm so proud of him, he blows my mind how compassionate and caring he is. The terrible two tantrums have pretty much gone aways. I don't know if it has anything to do with Lilah but it sure seems like it!

On other news and the reason this has not been updated is that I finished school! It's been like 6 years or so in the making but I finally did it! I just had my last class last Thursday and I couldn't be happier. I feel as though I am going to have a life again! Having a baby and a two year old, moving (and having to get the house ready for us to move), and school isn't really that much fun... school and the kids weren't that bad, it was just moving and the cleaning (like having to ubber clean the house, and do a lot of things I wasn't anticipating doing) was the hard part. But I guess everything happens for a reason and that whole experience you could say was a learning experience :) Would I do it all over again if I knew then what I know now.... probably everything except the move and all that went into it. But lets end that part on a happy note, it's wonderful being home with Donny and the kids and have our bed up again! As soon as we are totally done I'll post some befores and afters. But for the meantime you'll have to look at my babies!