Friday, July 24, 2009

Some random pictures from the end of June.... Hudson going fishing and boating with Donny and our good bud Cory!
Hudson insists on sharing Lilah's tub... she's not too fond
What a cutie! About 4 m 3 weeks here
That pretty much takes us into the beginning of July... We actually did not get any pictures of the 3rd and 4th.... The 3rd we bought a new car... We just were at the point where we had to... We could not fit into Donny's truck and haven't been able to since ... Hudson was born pretty much. We upgraded to a 04 Titan... I love it. I do not love the gas milage... or lack of... but it's pretty and leather seats and mst importantly we'll be able to go do fun things with it as a family :) But anyways the 3rd we went to Big Lake and watched fireworks and camped :) The kids did really well and then the 4th we went to the cabin where my bro joined us to watch some fireworks. We had an enjoyable time....

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Molly Marisa said...

Your family is adorable! I am adding you and your sis to my blog list! So cute!