Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow it has been forever since I posted... I am considering closing down this blog... but then again if I started writing on it I could start recording some of the fun things the kids do.... hmmmm what to do what to do....

First Lilah turned 1... how can that be! This year flew by and now shes like a little girl with a personality... and a little bit of attitude (esp towards her brother) :) She took 3 steps the day before her birthday and hasnt since... but she does like holding daddys finger and walking :) She says kitty, daa (dog) momma dadda hi hey and can pretty much imitate any noise we make....

Second... Hudson is amazing. So kind and gentle with his sister. He is something else. Dont get me wrong the boy did not miss out on the attitude gene... but he is changing each and every day... He started swim lessons and can put his face in the water no problem... first day he wasnt to sure... but today he did it no big deal... He will start T-ball in April... He is growing and changing and sooo much fun. He can say his ABCs no problem. The next thing I want to work on him with is his recognition of the letters... first step of reading right :)

I started a job... kinda scary and exciting and sad all at the same time. I am not always going to make it to Hudsons things now as I have a schedule to work around... which is a huge bummer to me... :( But D is there when I cant be and even when I am... He is amazing with the kids! And since we really really want to buy a house in the next year-year and half... well you gotta do what you gotta do!

Onto D he has lots of test coming up... Please pray that he has enough confidence in himself to know that he deserves to be there as much as the next guy... once he reliazes that there will be no stopping him! He ranked #2 with Medic one, but come monday they will wipe the slates clean and he will have to get right back up there... Has Bainbridge Island test on Sat and we should find out his scores for the Portland test as well... I am so very proud of him and tell him probably too often how much I believe in him ;)

well I will try and keep updated on this and really try and keep it so I can remember the cute things the kiddos do :)

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